Ezekiel 18:1

We may collect from this rebuke that the Jews were perverse interpreters of the best teaching; yea, they purposely reviled the Prophet’s expression, and drew it to a contrary meaning. For it, is far commoner than it ought to be among unbelievers, always to take occasion of turning backwards, twistin... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:3

_Ye_, says he, _use this proverb; but as I live, says the Lord Jehovah, you shall not use this proverb anymore. _He does not mean, by these words, that the Jews should repent and become more modest, and not dare to vomit forth such blasphemy against him; for he is not treating of repentance here; bu... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:4

We now see why an oath is interposed, while he pronounces that he will take care that the Jews should not ridicule any longer _Behold, _says he_, all souls are mine; as the sole of the son so the soul of the father, all souls are mine; the soul, therefore, which has sinned it shall die_. Some interp... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:5

Here the Prophet confirms his former teaching by examples. For he first says, if any one faithfully keep the law, he shall prosper, since God will repay the reward of justice: afterwards he adds, if the just man beget a son unlike himself, the justice of the father shall not profit the degenerate so... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:6

He says then, _if he has not eaten upon the mountains, and not raised his eyes to the abominable deeds of the house of Israel. _These two points respect the worship of God: for by the figure “a part for the whole” to eat, means to offer sacrifices: he refers to those to which banquets were added as... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:9

We yesterday explained why the Prophet says that no one is just unless _he withdraw his hands from iniquity, _because many occasions tempt us to injure others: unless we restrain ourselves in a middle course we often hurt our neighbors. Now among the virtues of a just man he puts, _to judge accordin... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:10

_He has oppressed the poor and needy_: he had simply said, He has oppressed a man; but now to make the greatness of the crime appear, he speaks of the poor and needy: for cruelty in oppressing them is less tolerable. Whatever the condition of the person whom we treat, with injustice, our wickedness... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:14

In this third example Ezekiel announces, that if a man be born of a wicked father, he may nevertheless be pleasing to God, if he be unlike his father and thus he refutes the proverb that was so common in Israel — that the father ate the sour grapes, and the children’s teeth were set on edge. For if... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:17

Now at last he concludes: _he shall not die through his father’s iniquity; he shall surely live. _He does not repeat that this is just, yet we must understand it so; but he stops at the immediate effect, since God’s blessing awaits all the just, as Isaiah says surely there is a reward to the just, ... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:18

He inculcates the same thing more at length, not for the sake of ornament so much as to refute that impious saying in which the Israelites so perniciously persisted. Since then it was difficult to tear from their minds what was so deeply rooted in them, the Prophet often exclaims that no one was pun... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:20

Ezekiel still pursues the sentiment which we have explained, namely, that God is a just judge and treats every one according to his conduct; as Paul says, As each has lived in the flesh, so God lays up a reward for him. (Romans 8:13.) But he more clearly refuted the proverb, that the sons should suf... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:21

In this sentence God proposes the hope of pardon, and invites and exhorts to penitence all the transgressors of his law. But this doctrine is specially worthy of notice, that God extends his arms, and is prepared to meet and receive all who betake themselves to good fruits: for despair hurls us into... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:23

He confirms the same sentiment in other words, that God desires nothing more earnestly than that those who were perishing and rushing to destruction should return into the way of safety. And for this reason not only is the Gospel spread abroad in the world, but God wished to bear witness through all... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:24

As in the last lecture the Prophet offered to sinners a sure hope of pardon if they heartily repented, and promised that God would be propitious to them as soon as they shall seek reconciliation with him: so now, on the other hand, he pronounces,_if the just shall decline from his justice_, whatever... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:25

The Prophet here shows that those who used the vulgar taunt — that the children’s teeth were set on edge, because their fathers had eaten sour grapes — had broken away from all restraint; and nothing further remained to hinder them from uttering their blasphemies arrogantly against God: but their in... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:26

The Prophet repeats what we formerly saw, namely, that the state of the case turned upon this, Whether the people had any cause of complaint when God absolves those who repent, and condemns the just who desert the course of a pious and holy life? Now, we must always return to this cardinal point, th... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:29

Here God briefly shows how furious those are who dare to rebel against him even when his justice is manifest: for what can be desired more justly than that God should punish all the transgressors of his law? and also, if sinners repent, that he should be prepared to pardon them? But if it seems hard... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:30

Here God precisely points out that he would discharge the office of judge, and then he reduces the Israelites to order, and refutes their audacity: for, as long as men do not feel God’s judgments hanging over them, and are not held completely in cheek, they grow restive in their petulance. We see ho... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:31

Ezekiel again exhorts the people to leave off complaining, and to acknowledge that there is no remedy for their evils but to be reconciled to God. But that cannot be done unless they repent. For God was not hostile to them in vain; nor did he, after the manner of men, persecute with hatred the innoc... [ Continue Reading ]

Ezekiel 18:32

We see, therefore, how God throws off that false reproach from himself with which the children of Israel taunted him, saying, that they perished by his immoderate rigor, and could find no reason for his severity against them. He announces, on the other hand, that the cause of death rested with thems... [ Continue Reading ]