Éxodo 37:1

BEZALEEL MADE. — Aholiab had no part in the construction of the furniture of the Tabernacle, but only in the coverings, the veil, the curtains, and the priests’ dresses. (See Éxodo 38:23.)... [ Seguir leyendo ]

Éxodo 37:1-24

XXXVII. (1-24) This passage corresponds with Éxodo 37:10 of Éxodo 25, and contains an account of the construction of the holy furniture: (1) That of the Holy of Holies: viz., the ark (Éxodo 37:1), the mercyseat (Éxodo 37:6); (2) that of the Holy Place, viz. , the table of shewbread (Éxodo 37:10) a... [ Seguir leyendo ]

Éxodo 37:16

WHICH WERE UPON THE TABLE. — Or, _which belonged to the table_ (τὰ σκένη τῆς τραπέζης. — LXX.).... [ Seguir leyendo ]

Éxodo 37:19

ANOTHER BRANCH. — A right translation — an improvement on “the other branch” of Éxodo 25:33. The meaning is that there was the same style of ornamentation in all the branches.... [ Seguir leyendo ]

Éxodo 37:25-28

(25-28) AND HE MADE... — The order of the instructions given on Mount Sinai is here departed from. In them the directions for the altar of incense were separated off from those concerning the table of shewbread and the golden candlestick. Here the construction of the three pieces of furniture belong... [ Seguir leyendo ]

Éxodo 37:29

In this verse we have the composition by Bezaleel of the holy oil and the incense, described in Éxodo 30:22; Éxodo 30:34, related with the utmost brevity.... [ Seguir leyendo ]

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